Here are some tried-and-true annuals that can be efficiently grown and sold in packs and jumbo packs, plus a few for larger pots


  • Traditional fibrous begonias (B. semperflorens) can be sold in small packs, making them economical to plant just like impatiens.
  • Larger begonias like Dragon Wing or Whopper are usually sold in larger pots, and will spread 18 to 24 inches – filling a lot of space!











  • From cell packs to premium pots, coleus covers all bases with an array of vivid colors, unique patterns and foliage textures that add interest to all garden spaces.
  • Vegetative varieties are ideal for big, bold landscape focal points and combo centerpieces.
  • Suggest seed types to fill large beds, along with other blooming annuals like begonias or New Guineas.


New Guinea Impatiens

  • Remember, New Guinea Impatiens are not affected by Impatiens downy mildew!
  • Seed-grown Divine New Guineas can be economically sold in larger packs. Plants spread 12 to 14 inches to fill garden space efficiently. A standard 306 pack can fill 2.5 square feet at the recommended 8-inch spacing.
  • Vegetative (cutting-grown) New Guinea Impatiens fill even more space and are available in a rainbow of colors. They’re the perfect choice for smaller landscape beds and containers



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